The Conference “Mountains and climate”









Welcoming address

Video – welcoming address

A. Zheenbekov – Speaker of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic

G. Kudaiberdieva. – head of the department of social politics of Administration of the  President of the  Kyrgyz Republic

A. Avanesov -  UNDP Resident Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic, Coordinator of UN in KR

Acad. Of NAS KR A.Erkebaev - Acting President of the National Academy of Sciences

Thomas Hofer - coordinator, Mountain Partnership Secretariat, FAO/Rome

First plenary Session

“Role of International and National Policies  in advocacy of sustainable mountain development in  climate сhange”


International Conference Rio +20 as the launch of the new possibilities of the mountainous states

D.Otorbaev – The First Prime  Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic


Perspectives  of inculcation of ‘green economy’ in KR

T.Sariev – Minister of Economy of KR


Environmental protection and climate change in  the Kyrgyz Republic

S. Atadjanov - Director of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic


The Bishkek Mountain Platform as a program of sustainable mountain development "

Acad. of the NAS KR A.Aidaraliev – Chairman of the National Center for Mountain Development in the Kyrgyz Republic

11.10 – 11.30

Coffee Break


Second  Plenary session

“Climate  change impact to  mountainous countries”


Sustainable mountain development

Dorjee Kinlay- Representative of the Food and agriculture organization of UN (FAO) in the Kyrgyz Republic


Climate Change and  Sustainable development: pluses and minuses of peace  safeguarding

Dr. Michael Minch – Director, Peace and Justice Program, Utah Valley University

12.00 – 12.15

Central Asian Research and Education Network and  environmental  monitoring and “green growth” development  in the region

Acad. of the NAS KR, prof. Kutanov A.A. – head of the laboratory, Institute of physical and  technical problems and material science, NAS KR.

12.15 – 12.30

The Role of International Mountain Partnership in sustainable mountain development

Elbegzaya Batjargal – Regional Coordinator Central Asia Hub,  Mountain Partnership

12.30 – 12.45

The  National strategy of Kyrgyzstan on climate change adaptation

Grebnev V. – coordinator of project  UNDP


Questions and comments





Third plenary session

 “ Adaptation  opportunities   to Climate change in the Kyrgyz Republic”


Final reports of chairs of the round tables and sessions at the conferences.
1.  Round  table "Ecosystems and Climate Change"

2. "Food Security and Land Resources under Climate Change Conditions - Adaptation Issues".

3. “Health of  the Mountainous Areas Population under  Climate Change conditions"

Acad. of the NAS KR Toktoraliev B.A. - Director of the International Institute of Mountains (IIM)

Corr.Member of the NAS, Dr.Sc. Nurgaziev R.Z. KR -  the rector of the KNAU

Prof. M.D  Belov G.V. Kyrgyz - Russian Slavic University


 Questions and comments



Coffee Break



International Mountain Day 2012 Observance Event “Celebrating Mountain  Life”.

Market Place for SMD Good practices by the MP members

Mountain Partnership Secretariat decentralized hub for Central Asia | Mountain societies research center | University of Central Asia, jointly with the FAO country office in the Kyrgyz Republic and Aga Khan development network


4. Round table: "The Atmosphere State and Climate Change in  the Mountainous Regions"

5. Water Resources and Natural Hazards in  the Mountainous Regions  in  the Context of Climate Change"

6. Presentation  "The Crisis of  Mountainous States Development”

7. The perspectives of Green Economy in KR (renewable energy resources)



Prof.Orozaliev M.D.-  Director of the IIP KSUCTA.

PhD. Moldobekov B.D. – Co-Director of the Central Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences

Prof. Japarov A. –ex-minister of Finance of Kyrgyz Republic

Dr. Adieva A.A. – head of IUK department.


Questions and comments



Developing partnership between Utah (USA) and Kyrgyzstan to promote the agenda of the United Nations on sustainable mountain development and climate change (jointly)

Dr. Rusty Butler, Associate Vice President, International Affairs and Diplomacy, Utah Valley University, USA


Adoption of a resolution

Acad. of the NAS KR Toktoraliev B.A. - Director of the International Institute of the mountains (IIM)

17.15 – 17.30

Conference summary

Closing ceremony

Acad. Of the NAS KR A. Aidaraliev – Chairman of the National Center for Mountain Development in the Kyrgyz Republic

In the entrance hall  of the National Academy of Sciences the following exhibitions will take place:

1.      Book exhibition about mountains and climate;

2.      Exhibition “Celebrating Mountain  Life”

a)      NGO’s activity on energy conservation and efficiency

b)      Activity of Aliance of Central Asian mountain communities

3.      Posters about the role of Utah Valley University in promoting regional approach for SMD-advocacy in the North America;

4.       Poster  - “Bioindication  of atmospheric metal deposition in the Tian – Shan Mts using bryophytes”// Soltes R., Janiga M., et all // University of Zilina // Institute of high mountain biology,.